National Security Programs

Develop and implement NISPOM, NIST, strategies to update and build personnel security vetting and adjudication technology apparatus. Access control, continuity of operations, insider threat, counterintelligence, sociocultural analysis, and Intelligence analysis, and training.

Cyber Security

Assessments & Authorization, Risk Management Framework, Vulnerability Scanning, Monitoring, Incident Response and Data Analytics.

Cloud Computing

Implementation of advanced infrastructure, platform and applications.

Network Operations

Maintain, modernize and operate enterprise network, NOC, SOC and Data Center services.

Service Desks

Perform ITIL pillars of service strategy, design, transition, operations and continuous improvement.

IT Policy and Strategic Planning

Assess, interpret and advice Executive Leadership on scope and complexity of Legislation, Policies, Federal directives and their impact to technology, processes and people.

Knowledge Management

Develop processes and systems to sustain and enhance the storage, assessment, access, sharing, refinement and creation of knowledge to meet tactical and strategic business requirements.

Program Management

Implement full life-cycle management discipline to minimize risks and ensure initiatives are executed to achieve successful outcomes that support both existing technology and NextGen.